When the skin ages due to biological or environmental factors, it loses its elasticity, volume and moistness. Natural facial expressions leave their traces on our faces, usually resulting in visible wrinkles and sagging facial contours. If your face looks tired and worn out, you will look older than you feel! Injectables give you the ability to immediately smooth out wrinkles from the inside out and to remodel facial features like eyebrows, cheeks, lips, lower face and chin.
The eye area looks younger, more alert and more radiant, while, the mouth regains its vital, attractive and positive expression. I have a long professional experience in the field of injections and work with different filler materials that I dose individually.

In an in-depth and individual consultation, find out what material is best suited for your personal needs and requirements.
For injections of pure, especially skin-compatible hyaluronic acid, I trust in the products of the prestigious brand RESTYLANE®. Using these effective treatment wrinkles are immediately softened, selected areas of the face are redefined and the skin structure is rejuvenates