PRP-Dracula Lifting

Autohemotherapy is a plasma therapy after the rain Lab system.

This form of therapy has numerous suitable indication fields like: sports medicine, orthopedic medicine, rheumatology and it is in use in the aesthetic medicine as well. It includes the removal of autologous blood, its preparation under sterile conditions and subsequently, reinjection in the affected areas.

The efficiency and safety of this method has been confirmed in numerous clinical studies. The plasma obtained has an increased concentration of endogenous components that counteract inflammation, swelling and pain. The injection, as thus, initiates a chain reaction of the organism´s regenerative processes. This stimulates the healing of injured muscles, tendons, cartilage and bone, and it affects the surrounding tissue, too.

The cosmetic part of the therapy is called the “Dracula Therapy”. The plasma therapy is considered a particularly natural and acceptable method of treatment, as it does not uses any additional foreign materials. Plasma plumps up the tissue and activates the skin’s own collagen formation and regeneration. Wrinkles are visibly reduced and the skin surface looks redefined. After only a few applications a youthful appearance is visible.

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