Biological Cancer Prevention

Biological Cancer Prevention

Numerous studies and reports on cancer have shown that biological treatments can be a valuable and beneficent addition to the traditional therapy of cancer. They have a positive effect on the person’s physical and mental well-being and can relieve side effects of the disease and of the applied therapy. They support the regeneration, the strengthening of the body`s defenses and increases the chances of a cure.

In fact, even in a healthy body cancer cells are formed continually, however, they are inhibited by its own immune and regulatory system. Harmful environmental influences, an unhealthy lifestyle and chronic stress are factors that weaken the immune system and thus, contribute to the development of malignant diseases.

Whether as a preventive measure or used as an addition to traditional cancer therapy – biological cancer defense therapy acts according to the principles of the holistic medicine. It stabilizes the psyche and helps the patient to better cope with feelings of depression and of fear. Easy and regular forms of physical exercises are intended to enable one regain a positive body image.

This form of therapy uses in addition the stimulating effect of the immunotherapy to provide relief, promote vitality and to help detoxification. Moreover, the metabolism is regulated through a balanced diet and in particular through an optimal supply of vitamins and trace elements.

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