Fresh Cell Therapy

Reconstruction and Rejuvenating

This therapy which has proven itself for decades uses animal proteins to revitalize human body cells. Fetal cellular material is injected so that it can accumulate by the aged, used or disturbed metabolism of the organs. As a consequence, processes are set in motions that result in physical and mental improvements.


Fields of application:

  • Age complaints
  • Fatigue
  • Age-related decline in performance
  • Optimization of one`s physical and mental abilities
  • Vitality increase
  • Improvement of the immune system


Please note:

Physical effort should be avoided for 14 days after the cell treatment, therefore, no exercise or sauna in this period.
Starting with a few weeks up to a few months after the application of the cure the results should be noticeable and last up to 24 months. Another therapy session should not occur earlier then 6 to 8 months after the last session.