Infusion Therapy

Essential nutriment deficiency or oversupply can impact negatively one’s health and well-being. The resulting consequences are a decline in a person’s physical vitality and mental capacity. In turn, these increase the risk for depressive dispositions and facilitate as well the outbreak of numerous diseases. Moreover, an acute medical condition may amplify the body`s need for nutrients. In the disease progression and its healing process the nutriment supplementation can play a crucial and key role.

The infusion therapy provides a rapid and effective solution for the imbalances of the organism. The invasive supplementation of active ingredients and substances has a direct and prompt effect on these disorders. It makes possible the use of high doses that normally could not be absorbed or processed by one’s body, if taken orally or transdermal.

This form of therapy is using a high dosage of vitamin C, which is administered seasonally for the prevention of colds and infections, as well as, to strengthen the body’s immune system. Beneficiary effects have been noticed in cases of hyperacidity, imbalances of the body´s acid-base and the regulation of the immune system via the Thymus gland. Another field of application is the revitalization and detoxification of the body. It promotes the regeneration process of the cells and supports the emission of toxins and antibiotics.

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