Derma Pen


The Derma Pen is suitable for the use in the esthetic regions, especially, in age-related changes of the skin, wrinkles, scars, acne scars and pregnancy stripes. The treatment is as effective as a laser treatment or a chemical peeling and is suitable for all skin types.

In combination with the Mesotherapy, products like vitamins, trace elements or hyaluronic acid can be introduced into the skin. Thus, the effect of the therapy is enhanced. In addition, the treatment can be repeated at weekly intervals. The so-called Dracula Therapy in combination with Derma Pen can introduce the very effective growth factors into the tissues.

The effect cannot be seen immediately after treatment, but only in the following weeks through the collagen formation and the action of growth factors.

After the treatment you will feel like you have a slight sunburn and some swelling will be notable. The side effect can last a maximum of 3 days. The treatment duration for every session is of 30 minutes and it costs around 250 Euros, all depending on the effort put and the material used.